Simple Advice

find your STYLE

Design something pretty and you'll be good for a year or two. Develop a style guide to include fonts and a color palette that distinctly conveys your brand and you'll be able to refresh the design of your marketing assets while maintaining a familiar look for a decade or more. 

BUILD WITH metrics

In addition to defining your style, it’s imperative to evaluate how your readers engage with your online presence verses how you want them to. Use existing metrics to develop your strategic goals and help ensure that your efforts are taking you in the direction that you want to go.


Your website CMS developer and email marketing service provider should be constantly updating their platforms. Simply put, if their product can’t keep with the rapidly evolving internet, your marketing practices won’t be able to either. 

Pick your platform

Whether you are a "mobile first" fanatic or have just recently realized the growing trend, your primary platform is best determined by your audience's preferences and how you want them to engage with your online presence. 

evaluate efforts

Digital marketing services should include more than one-time deliverables. Stand alone promotions should be followed up with reporting and analysis and ongoing marketing efforts should include routine evaluations to determine their value.

take ownership

All too often, authors take a back seat to marketing efforts that feature their name. Own your domain registration, insist on having admin level access to any online tool or services that you are paying for and ask pointed questions.